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SsangYoung Characters

I rigged all the characters for this commercial. Three of them are quite simple – bones, envelope and some shapes..  But the last one, Superman, has some interesting features – muscle-like cartoony deformations, blend by null.. You can see it below.

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.


ICE compound for mirroring shapes. Doesn’t need Symmetry Template Map. Create ICE tree, insert compound, connect to tree, plug shape’s name into Shape In Name port and play with options.. You can freeze the tree after it’s set up – the shape will stay mirrored (but it will freeze Copy Shape operator too!).

Download compound.

M&M’s Choko

It was an interesting task to make juice plop in glasses but never splash outside. It was done with ICE deformer – as I guess, simulation is a horribly wrong way to do it in this case. So I got it – controlled and predictable real-time fluid rig, animator can see the result immediately and adjust it on the fly.. very handy!

Also I rigged Choco Macho character for this commercial.

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.

Dino Seeds

Tomato rig I made for Dino Seeds commercial. I also rigged all the other vegetables (not including Dino himself) And, by the way, I animated a part of them too..

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.