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al Arabi Oil – Guilt

A fried potato rig I made for al Arabi Oil commercial.

A couple of features in it are done in ICE, such as
- hands alignment on spline
- squash and stretch effect
- iris and pupil scaling
- eyelids correction
- shape combiner

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.

SsangYoung Characters

I rigged all the characters for this commercial. Three of them are quite simple – bones, envelope and some shapes..  But the last one, Superman, has some interesting features – muscle-like cartoony deformations, blend by null.. You can see it below.

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.

M&M’s Choko

It was an interesting task to make juice plop in glasses but never splash outside. It was done with ICE deformer – as I guess, simulation is a horribly wrong way to do it in this case. So I got it – controlled and predictable real-time fluid rig, animator can see the result immediately and adjust it on the fly.. very handy!

Also I rigged Choco Macho character for this commercial.

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.

Dino Seeds

Tomato rig I made for Dino Seeds commercial. I also rigged all the other vegetables (not including Dino himself) And, by the way, I animated a part of them too..

Done for Asymmetric VFX Studio.