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stBasket compounds

We had to make a basket model for some poster, so I built a set of compounds to create sennit-like mesh on NURBS surfaces. It was my first experience with ICE modeling, so it took a little time.. and a little more… and a little more than a little more…. But it was done in time and I’m satisfied at last :)

Some notes for those who’s interested.

Extrusion base shape’s points must be in local XY plane – as in standard Circle primitive, for example. So use Front View to draw them correctly.

Compounds that create strands extrusion are faster and more accurate than standsrd one, but they don’t create UV coordinates on the mesh. Maybe, later I’ll fix this, but this time there was no need in them.

stCreate_Strands_TopoDesc compound use StrandUpVect attribute for section orietation of the extrusion. StrandUpVect is a 3dVector per-point array with the same size as StrandPosition. If there’s no StrandUpVect attribute on the pointcloud, it use Default UpVector input port instead.

For some reasons I don’t use PointPosition itself to create extrusion – just make first element of StrandPosition equal to PointPosition.

Here’s a short video about using stCreate_Strands_TopoDesc and stCreate_Mesh_From_TopoDesc compounds.

Download stBasket compounds

Download sample scene.