ICE compound for flipping shapes. Doesn’t need Symmetry Template Map. Create ICE tree, insert compound, connect to tree, plug shape’s name into Shape In Name port and play with options.. You can freeze the tree after it’s set up – the shape will stay flipped (but it will freeze Copy Shape operator too!).

Download compound.

6 thoughts on “stFlip_Shape

  1. admin Post author

    Hm. Strange, it’s there, I’ve just checked out.
    I’ve uploaded this site to the web just about an hour ago.. now looking at it and catching bugs :)
    Maybe, it’s all about a wrong slash in your link?

  2. Adrian Lopez

    Andrew, been trying to use this compound to flip a simple closed eyelid.. and I’m gettng strange results. the flipped shape is oddly distorted. Dont know what I’m doing wrong here… I’ve got a screengrab if you’d like to have a look.


  3. Andrew Post author

    Try to play with Cutoff Distance parameter – decrease it or turn of.. Actually, the head must be symmetric to work properly, so maybe the point is in mesh. Cutoff Distance helps to solve a little bit asymmetric meshes, but it must not be too big anyway..

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